I Reminisce...Infection

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I Reminisce...Infection

Post  Shu Fang on Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:20 pm

Her thoughts are impetuous. She buries them in her notebook, knowing that they will resurface only to be laid to rest again.

He shouldn't have been picking on that freshman...He should have stood up for himself...I should have let someone else handle it...

Shu takes a slow, deep breath, then puts her belongings in her bag and places it under a tree. She takes a few steps and begins practicing her kata. Deliberate motions in conjuntion with steady breathing. Shu thinks of this as a form of therapy; writing soothes her mind in the same way that martial arts relaxes her body.

After she is finished, Shu returns to the tree to collect her belongings and heads toward the school. As she approaches the building she struggles with the stagnation of being who she's always been, or the prospect of becoming who she should be.
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